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Placeholder is a puzzle map that will take you on the journey of a player exploring an incomplete build site. Here, you must solve puzzles and find unintended mechanics in order to progress. Explore your surroundings, find secrets and create a path of your own.

Featuring a voice-acted storyline and seven custom builds, this map will put your problem solving skills to the test.

[Keep in mind this description is only a Placeholder].


This map is designed for 1 to 4 players, and offers around two hours of playtime.

Shaders are not recommended and may break the map.

This map features an ingame hint system. However, if you are completely stuck, check out the walkthrough here.

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  • Four levels packed with "outside the box" puzzles
  • Five secret areas & many other easter eggs
  • A fully fledged hint system
  • Countless custom-designed mechanics
  • Fully voice-acted storyline
  • Custom resource pack
  • Revolutionary 4D graphics (unavailable to players in 3D environments)
  • Annoyingly meta features list
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